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    est. 1982


    "If you need a safe and secure spot for valuables and confidential items, look no further. I've stored items at similar facilities in the past but nothing compares to this. The owner has done his homework and knows how to run this business with the client's interests in mind."

    -Customer Yelp Review 7/3/18


    "The Vault is VERY private . . . security surpasses the bank I recently stopped using . . . the owner was a total pro and gave me a private number to reach him on when I need to schedule access . . ."

    Customer Yelp Review 2/15/18


    The only vault in Orange County CA, family owned and

    operated over 35 years!


    ~By Appointment Only~

    (949) 660-9222

  • Our Services

    Rent a Safe-Deposit Box, Locker,

    Bulk Storage Room, or Car Storage Area in Newport Beach, CA

    Call (949) 660-9222


    The only vault that includes up to $500,000 insurance with your box when you rent!


    The only vault with Private Access from your car to your safe deposit box!

  • Safe Deposit Box California

    Rent a Safe-Deposit Box or Locker

    Choose from 12 Different Sizes

    Rental Prices from $400/year to $4800/year




    (1) 3"x5"x24"* - several available


    (2) 3"x10"x24" - hurry, only 1 available!


    (3) 5"x10"x24" - only a few remaining


    (4) 10"x10"x24" - only a few remaining


    (5) 10"x15"x24" - only a few remaining


    (6) 11"x16"x24" - hurry, only 2 available!


    (7) 15"x15"x24" - hurry, only 3 available!




    (8) 15"x30"x24" - hurry, only 2 available!


    (9) 30"x30"x24" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.


    (10) 9"x46"x46" - hurry, only 1 available!


    (11) 19"x46"x46" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.


    (12) 32"x46"x46" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.



    $30,000 insurance included when you rent size (1),(2),or (3) above

    $50,000 insurance included when you rent size (4) through (9) above

    $500,000 insurance included when you rent size (10), (11), or (12) above

    You may increase insurance coverage over $1M at low rates if you choose

    *(1) above discounted to $400/year in most cases


    Call (949) 660-9222


    Clientele typically store: corporate papers; legal documents; electronic records; bit coin; precious metals; gold, silver, platinum; currency; foreign currency; tax returns; investment documentation; negotiable instruments; digital photos; backup drives; microfilm; DVDs; flash drives; personal records; vehicle titles; citizenship documents; military records; marriage certificates; death certificates; birth certificates; passports; family pictures and documents; social security card; property deeds; deed of title; wills; trusts; business records; articles of incorporation; blueprints; intellectual property; trademark paperwork; patent documentation; copyrighted material; proof of copyright; comic books; rare books; antique books; art work; paintings; family heirlooms; heirloom furniture; sculptures (large and small); stamp collections; museum artifacts; rare and antique coins; antiques; jewelry; photograph negatives; stocks; bonds; life insurance; home insurance (keep safe from a flood or fire inside your home); certificates of deposit.


    Prohibited: Any Storage for an Illegal Purpose; Stolen Items; Illegal Substances; Combustibles; Ammunition; Explosives; Fireworks; Hazardous or Toxic Materials; Perishable Goods; Food Items; Animal Products.

  • Rent Safe Deposit Box California

    Renting Is Easy


    Call 24/7 to Set An Appointment (949) 660-9222

    Also text 949-877-3415 or email Safe@PrivateSafeDepositBox.com



    M-F, 9am-5pm



    20241 SW Birch St., Newport Beach, CA 92660

    -By Appointment Only-



    No SS# Required

    ID may be required to rent



    $30,000 insurance included when you rent size (1),(2),or (3) above

    $50,000 insurance included when you rent size (4) through (9) above

    $500,000 insurance included when you rent size (10), (11), or (12) above

    You may increase insurance coverage over $1M at low rates if you choose

    *(1) above discounted to $400/year in most cases



    Executor Contract Allows You To Provide For Your Beneficiaries.


    DISCOUNT (limited time)

    20% off the advertised annual ($500) annual rental of our 3x5x24" safe deposit boxes for: 55+; Veterans; Active Duty; Active Reserve; Elks Members; Anyone with Proof of Active Homeowners' Insurance Policy; or anyone with Proof of Active Corporate Commercial General Liability Policy.

  • 3-Year Discount and Referral Program


    (1) Rent any Safe Deposit Box for 3 Years and Receive an Automatic Upgrade to the Next Larger Box. Request "3-year deal" at time of signing.


    (2) Refer 5 clients and receive 1 year free rent.


    Through December 31, 2018**

    Contact Us Here to Make An Appointment

    (**upon availability, may not be combined with any other offer)

    20241 SW Birch Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Insurance

    $30,000 insurance included for first year when you rent size (1), (2), or (3) above.

    $50,000 insurance included for first year when you rent size (4) through (9) above.

    $500,000 insurance included for first year when you rent size (10), (11), or (12) above.


    You may increase your insurance coverage over $1M at low rates if you choose!


    The Vault is the only private vault in the United States offering this level of protection to your family and business!


  • UL Certified Private Vault


    The Vault is UL Certificated, complying

    with Insurance Industry Security Certification

    "Certification of alarm services by Underwriters Laboratories provides a connection of confidence between owners, service providers and other stakeholders including authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), insurance companies and government agencies. We assess alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, monitor and communicate with proper authorities and provide runner service. For more than 90 years, UL has worked with the alarm industry, user groups and AHJs to develop today’s model for alarm service certification. UL Certification of alarm services delivers the highest level of confidence available in today’s market and helps provide a trusted level of differentiation for service providers. Along with the recognition of the UL brand, the UL Certificate is a declaration from alarm companies that the system has been installed and will be maintained, tested and monitored according to the latest applicable codes and standards. UL delivers third-party oversight and many businesses, government contractors and insurance providers may require a UL Certificate as a condition of compliance and continuing operation." See http://industries.ul.com/life-safety-and-security/alarm-service

  • Rent California Private Vault

    Rent a Bulk Storage Room

    3 Bulk Storage Rooms


    Inquire Within for Availability and Pricing

    (1) 3.5'x8'x10'

    (2) 6.5'x5.5'x10'

    (3) 3.5'x22'x10'


    Only 2 Remaining, Inquire Within!


  • Car Storage Facility Newport Beach

    Automobile Storage Coming January 1, 2018!

    Rent an air conditioned, private, and secure garage to store your automobiles less than 1 mile from SNA/John Wayne Airport!



    Call to Get On Waiting List

    (949) 660-9222

  • Family Owned & Operated for 35 Years!

    Rent a Safe-Deposit Box, Locker, Bulk Storage Room, or

    Air-Conditioned Car Storage Area

    California Private Vault Storage


    Trusted 5-Star Customer Service, Privacy and Discretion


    "The Vault is the only facility I trust!" -EchoesOfTheAgesNumismatics.com


    "The administrator of my Self-Directed Gold IRA notified me that The Vault offers more insurance than anyone, so I set an appointment today and rented for three years!" --CFA Trust


    "As the Executor of an estate, I used The Vault for several years to store assets while I marshaled and liquidated them for the beneficiaries. I was always happy with their customer service, security, and discretion. I would use them again if I am ever the Trustee or Executor of an estate again." --Austin C.


    "I trust The Vault so much, I have left my spare key with them for years now. Never had a problem! Excellent service, and their security is top notch." --John C. Family Trust


    "I like that my social security number is not associated with my safe-deposit box."

    --Tom E., client over 20 years


    "The Vault's customer service was so efficient that in only 24 hours: I was referred to an SKR (Safe-Keeping Receipt); my items were appraised, insured, and stored at The Vault; and I was securely trading on my assets the next day." --HHH Secure Trust LLC


    "I rent at The Vault because I like its discreet approach. They were keen to note my need for privacy from the beginning, and have never swayed from that. I only visit my safe deposit box two to three times per year and the staff always picks up right where we left off." --Garrett S.


    "During my divorce many years ago, my attorney told me to store my family's separate property at The Vault. I was so impressed that I decided to keep my safe deposit box even after the divorce. I upgraded to a larger box, and love the convenience. The facilities are climate-controlled, so I have stored my valuable paintings and art work there." --Tiffanny B.


  • Best of 2017

    Awarded Best Self-Storage Facility

    The Only Vault Including up to

    $500,000 Insurance For Your Safe Deposit Box

    When You Rent!


    The Only Vault in California Operating Over 35 Years!


    Licensed, Bonded, Insured


    (949) 660-9222

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