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    est. 1982


    If You Want Privacy, You Need The Vault of Newport Beach!

    The Only Private Vault in California Operating Over 37 Years!


    The Most Private Ingress and Egress of any Private Vault in Southern California!


    The Only Private Vault That Includes up to $500,000 Insurance When You Rent!*





    Space is Limited!

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  • "Your Bank Safe Deposit Box Is Not Safe!"

    According to The New York Times

    "There are an estimated 25 million safe deposit boxes in America, and few protections for customers. No federal laws govern the boxes; no rules require banks to compensate customers if their property is stolen or destroyed."

    See Stacy Cowley's scary but insightful July 19, 2019 article here.


    The Vault in Newport Beach, on the other hand, includes insurance with every rental; is approved by Underwriters Laboratories for Security (see below); and always provides one-on-one concierge service in and out of The Vault.*



    CALL (949) 660-9222

  • Our Passion is providing the Most Private way for You to Store Your Valuables

    Read What Our Customers Have to Say about

    Privacy / Trust / Security


    "The Vault is a VERY private place to rent a private safe deposit box inside a private (bank) vault . . . security surpasses the bank I recently stopped using . . . the owner was a total pro and gave me a private number to reach him on when I need to schedule access. As a woman this made all the difference."

    -Customer Yelp Review 02/15/18


    "The Vault is a secure, private facility. The owner is professional and courteous. Unlike my bank safe deposit box, my box at The Vault is insured, which gives me peace of mind."

    -Customer Google review 08/05/18


    "Great place for private, secure storage of valuables."

    -Customer Google review 02/05/18


    "If you need a safe and secure spot for valuables and confidential items, look no further. I've stored items at similar facilities in the past but nothing compares to this. The owner has done his homework and knows how to run this business with the client's interests in mind."

    -Customer Yelp Review 07/03/18


    "As a female who lives in the Newport Beach area, finding a place where I felt my valuables were safe, I could not have asked for more. The owner is extremely professional and makes his clients feel they are dealing with the highest level of professionalism."

    -Customer Yelp review 05/24/18


    "The Vault in Newport Beach is private, safe, and convenient. The owner is trustworthy. The Vault includes insurance and you can be sure all of your valuables are safe and insured. I recommend The Vault to anyone who is looking for a safe private storage. The Vault is the only facility I trust and recommend."

    -Customer Google review 04/05/18


    "If you want the things you care about to be placed in a safe environment then The Vault is the place for you. The owner makes you feel at peace . . . I highly recommend this place!"

    -Customer Yelp review 10/31/18


    "I researched private storage from LA to SD and it was ultimately the owners' customer service and the fact that the facility exceeds security requirements necessary for insurance coverage."

    -Customer Yelp Review 08/07/18


    "When it comes to knowing that your possessions are safe and accessible when needed there simply is no better option than The Vault. I have brought over several friends and all have had the same experience."

    -Customer Yelp Review 02/23/18

  • How To Rent a Safe Deposit Box with Insurance

    at The Private Vault of Newport Beach

    How It Works - by referral or pre-approval only


    Call or Text Us (24/7)

    Call (949) 660-9222


    By Appointment Only

    M-Fri, 9am - 5pm


    Rent - in as little as 10 minutes

    Choose Your Box or Locker


    Sizes: 12 different sized boxes

    Prices: from $500 to $4800/yr.

    Auto-Upgrade: pre-paid 3+ -year rentals receive an automatic upgrade to next larger box (based on availability)!

    Payment: cash, check, or credit card.

    I.D.: may be required (never retained).

    SS#: not required.

    Anonymity: inquire within.

  • Availability of Safe Deposit Boxes at The Vault

    Click Below to Check Availability

  • Sizes and Prices of Safe Deposit Boxes and Lockers 

    at The Vault

    Safe Deposit Box Insurance is Included When You Rent a Safe Deposit Box at The Vault*

    a 3x5 safe deposit box with insurance

    Choose From 12 Different Sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes

    If you choose, insurance is included on all rentals as below:

    Entry: the most private!

    Type: bunker-style vault.

    I.D.: may be required (never retained).

    SS#: not required.

    Anonymity: inquire within.

    Insurance: at your choosing, we include the most of anybody!

    Clientele typically store: corporate and legal documents; electronic records; precious metals; and currency,

    Prohibited:: any storage for an illegal purpose; combustibles; ammunition; hazardous or toxic materials; perishable goods; food items; animal products.


    Prices range:

    from $500 to $4800 per year.


    Small Boxes - $30,000 insurance included*

    (1) 3"x5"x24"*

    (2) 3"x10"x24" - hurry, almost sold out!

    (3) 5"x10"x24" - hurry, almost sold out!


    Medium Boxes - $50,000 insurance included*

    (4) 10"x10"x24" - hurry, almost sold out!

    (5) 10"x15"x24" - hurry, very few remaining!

    (6) 11"x16"x24" - only 2 remaining!

    (7) 15"x15"x24" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.

    (8) 15"x30"x24" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.

    (9) 30"x30"x24" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.


    Large Boxes - $500,000 insurance included*

    (10) 9"x46"x46" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.

    (11) 19"x46"x46" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.

    (12) 32"x46"x46" - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.


    Bulk Storage Rooms - call for availability

    (13) 3.5' x 8' x 10' - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.

    (14) 6.5' x 8' x 10' - Sold out! Call to get on waiting list.

    (15) 3.5 x 19' x 10' - only 1 remaining! - inquire within for pricing.


    *If you opt in, we will include the insurance amounts above for the first year with new rental or upon renewal. If you choose not to have the insurance above, we will initiate a policy with a limit of $5,000 and you may utilize your own insurance (usually homeowners'). After the first year, you are responsible for insurance above $5,000 coverage.

  • UL Certified Private Vault in Newport Beach California

    It's Our High Level of Security That Enables You to Insure The Items You Store Within The Vault!

    The Vault is UL Certificated, complying

    with Insurance Industry Security Certification

    "UL Certification of alarm services delivers the highest level of confidence available in today’s market and helps provide a trusted level of differentiation for service providers. The UL Certificate is a declaration from alarm companies that the system has been installed and will be maintained, tested and monitored according to the latest applicable codes and standards. UL delivers third-party oversight and many businesses, government contractors and insurance providers may require a UL Certificate as a condition of compliance and continuing operation." See http://industries.ul.com/life-safety-and-security/alarm-service

  • Safe Deposit Box Insurance

    Insurance Is Included When You Rent a Safe Deposit Box at The Vault!

    Safe Deposit Box Insurance available in California


    Increase your insurance coverage over $1M at low rates if you choose!

  • Safe Deposit Box Insurance

    Banks Do Not Insure The Contents of Your Safe Deposit Box!

    JP Morgan Chase

    “The contents of your box are not protected against loss or damage under insurance coverage maintained by the Bank or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. You may want to secure your own insurance. You understand and agree that safe deposit boxes and vaults are not fireproof, burglarproof or waterproof.”

    “You agree and represent that the aggregate value of the contents of the box will not exceed $25,000 at any time.”

    Wells Fargo

    "A Box does not provide protection against every possibility of physical loss and we do not provide insurance coverage for the contents. Boxes are not designed to withstand fire, explosion, intense heat, smoke, water, building collapse, mold, or similar perils, and you assume the entire loss to the Box contents from such risks.”

    Bank of America

    “The contents of your safe deposit box are not protected against loss under insurance coverage maintained by the Bank. For your protection, you should secure your own insurance through an insurance company of your choice. You should keep a complete list and description of all property stored in your safe deposit box, as well as the appraised value and proof of ownership.”

    U.S. Bank

    “Safe deposit boxes and their contents are not covered by FDIC-Insurance or U.S. Bank’s insurance policy. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures deposits in deposit accounts. Safe deposit boxes are considered storage space provided by the bank and do not fall under these insurance laws. Therefore, when considering whether to rent a safe deposit box, please check with your personal insurance carrier to determine whether safe deposit box contents are covered under your existing policy or if you will require additional insurance.”